29 Avril 2017

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Nintendo 64 !

  Project64 v2.3.2
Dernière version officielle de Project64.

Voici les dernières améliorations :

Version 2.3.2 :
- Lots of little bug fixes

Version 2.3 :
- Lots of changes, nearly 1000 commits since 2.2

Version :
- Lots of bug fixes
- Make nrage the default controller plugin now

Version :
1) Project64 :
- Make sure current dir is base folder (not screnshot)
- Initialize eeprom to 0xFF instead of 0x00
- Add LL and SC to Analyze Instruction
- Ignore 0x0407000D as an opcode in analysis
- Make it easier for plugins to read directories from the emu
- Fix per game rsp plugin
- Updated rdb file
2) Glide64 :
- Added version to the installer
- Get Settings to go through the emulator
- Get Glide64, GlideHQ, Glitch64 to be a single dll
- Read texture directory from emulator
- Fix up getting functions from texture lib
3) Input Plugin :
- Update to provided by squall

Version :
- Changed SLTU and SLT in loop analysis (Fix Perfect dark bug)
- Some cleanup related to __int64 to dword

Version :
- cleaned up code related to beta release
- Fixed bug with exception in likely delay slot
- Fixed bug in DADDU for 64bit

Version :
- Fixed bug related recompiler reading rom
- Fixed bug in AND for 64bit

Version :
- Fix SC and LL in recompiler

Project64 :
- Add Rom Open for RSP
- Clean up more breakpoint warnings
- Fix bug in D.CMP.UN
- Update counters on Wired Register

Remarques :
- Si vous êtes sous Windows 7 et que l'émulateur fait planter Windows (écran bleu), activez le mode compatibilité Windows XP.
- Lors de l’installation, je vous recommande vivement de sélectionner "advanced" et de tout décocher sinon ça va installer plein de choses inutiles sur vos PC (barres publicitaires) :

Note : 
Téléchargé : 96790 fois
(25/01/2017 - 2336 Ko)

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